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Business Consulting

Getsol aims to be the one stop venture for all business solution catering to the needs of all types of business entities from individual entrepreneurs, Micro, Small & Medium enterprises ranging to corporate. With the team of industry experts at GETSOL, you will get to identify prospective areas of future development as well as a more comprehensive and strategic approach. We provide industry specific services for Business planning, New Business Development, Business Expansion & Business Process reengineering.

1. Market Research & Analytics :
Successful business plan requires going beyond experience and intuition, supporting the cause will be fact based market research. Confidence of the Investors will be gained based on the understanding of your market. All business strategies require attention to Industry analysis, Competitive analysis, Target market analysis. Getsol provides customized and specialized Market research solutions by closely studying market size, marketing strategies, market needs and competition. Apart from general trends, GETSOL provides equal importance in studying exceptional cases, which can lead to important decisions. Getsol delivers reports that are well scrutinized and can be immediately actionable. Hence there is no further delay in implementing the business strategy.

2. Strategic Planning :
The best antidote to counteract competition is a well developed Strategic plan. A Good strategic plan aims to reinforce the organizational culture, unify the efforts of the workforce, visualizes the short term and long term goals, Define milestones and metrics, provides accountability for objectives and goals; hence act as a guide in making decision and actions throughout the plan duration. At Getsol we guide you in overcoming the critical activities of Strategy Plan development and Strategy Plan Execution management.

3. Business Plan :
Business plan serves as a roadmap for taking up the business model. It act as a means of comparing the actual performance of the company, to refine strategies & develop new ideas on carrying forward the business. A good business plan discloses the balanced appraisal for the planned risks. Apart from developing business plans we also evaluate them at the investors view. Before documenting it we have the opportunity to correct our mistakes or fill in the weak spots.